OHVTA Reaches a Position Favorable of Defeating the Governor’s Proposed 69% Vape Tax

What could possibly be holding back this “official” status? There are still 2 weeks remaining until the Senate’s vote is to be cast and the Governor’s signature is required for this revised budget is passed. Regardless, it’s been reported to Vaping Post that this is pretty much set-in-stone and it is certainly acceptable to refer to this event as a “closed-case.” It is safe to say “goodbye” to the obnoxious proposal of a 69% wholesale tax…jokes’ over!

This article is in honor of some of the best U.S. vape advocates and some of the most dedicated small business professionals this country has to offer. These committed proponents of the vape industry’s preservation deserve a thank you – not just a thumbs up via social media. Better yet, pick up your phone and call the OHVTA to share your feelings of graciousness. With the assistance of CASAA & VTA, the leadership of the OHVTA, along with all their advocating members are true heroes of the vape community.

OHVTA Posts a Message Explaining Expected Victory

Earlier this week, the OHVTA posted this message on their website as a special announcement:

“Yesterday, the Ohio Senate released their version of the state operating budget, HB 49. Following the House’s lead, they have NOT included any tax on vapor products!! However, we are NOT done just yet! The Senate still needs to vote on the bill and then the House and Senate have to work out their differences before it goes back to the Governor for his signature. This all has to be done by 11:59pm on June 30th, 17 more days to go! Thank you to all that have called or written your state legislators during this process. Your outreach and advocacy has been invaluable!”

Story after Story During a 6 Month Stretch

Vaping Post has been leader of providing the most up-to-date, accurate stories in the vapor-sphere, especially regarding advocacy and legislative matters. Furthermore, I’ve been closely monitoring this situation on Ohio which has been developing and lingering all throughout the first half of 2017. In fact, the Vaping Post was committed to closely following these circumstances as we published story after story. For instance, when the Ohio House passed a Revised Budget removing all vapor language was a huge building block to the wall of progress in Ohio.

Thus, for the past 6 long months, we’ve had the honor of maintaining open communication with the President of the Ohio Vapor Trade Association, James Jarvis. Mr. Jarvis has kept us up-to-speed on all developments so we can continue informing the Global Vape Community – whether good or bad. Not to mention, Mr. Jarvis has been relentlessly battling this proposed vape tax by the Governor for several years.

Without exaggeration, this is now the 3rd time Ohio vapers have been forced into a situation of defending their livelihoods and lifestyles. Each time, they’ve persevered to preserve their state’s best option for tobacco harm reduction – the vapor industry.

On a Personal Note

All in all, I am personally inspired by the work of the OHVTA and all other supporters, I must admit something quite special before concluding. This is something I’ve never truly said in my entire life: “Honestly, I am officially proud to have grown up in the state of Ohio. O-H…I-O!” Mostly Ohioans will only pick up on that last 4 letter chant, I’m assuming.

Even though I was born in Chicago, where I also attended & completed Graduate School, I now live in Denver. Compared to those 2 vibrant metropolitan areas, the fact that I have been primarily educated in Ohio doesn’t seem to exciting to me.

Overall, I attended Elementary School, Middle School, High School and Undergraduate College in OH and not a damn thing in Ohio ever seems to change. However, the OHVTA has reignited, reestablished and fully restored what little hope I had for Ohio to even greater level than I ever thought was possible. If only more average citizens followed these vaping issues with a higher level cause for concern, the majority of Americans would be appalled at the rates working class Americans are being systematically stripped of their livelihoods. Thanks to a special portion of advocates in Ohio, 800 small businesses are no longer at risk of permanent closure and 5K+ jobs are saved from elimination. That’s a fairly positive message that Americans will soon pick up on. Let’s hope.

OHVTA President James Jarvis says,

“It is humbling to be a part of an organization that gets the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of leaders in our state. Many members of the Ohio House of Representatives and Ohio Senate took the time to meet with us one on one and gave us the opportunity to testify and share our stories, experiences, knowledge and studies with everyone. Our community of consumers and business owners have been engaged from day one contacting their representatives…that has been key in this entire process. We could not be where we are without them. We are thankful for the support from the consumers, OHVTA business members, CASAA and VTA for all they have done to assist us all the way through this process.”

Anticipated OH VapeTax Proposal Scoreboard

People of Ohio +3,

OH Governor -3

Attitude of Gratitude

The Senate is said to be all for passing their revised state budget and after it passes, the Governor must sign. It is likely to see more detailed news on any developments of this topic when visiting the Vaping Post, especially when that pen hits the paper. Ohio, I never thought you’d truly inspire and impress me. You are all certainly the best role models in the entire state and you deserve more praise than I can provide. Your relentless optimism is contagious! Congratulations and thank you! O-H…V-T-A!

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